Killer Nashville Conference

Where else can you solve a mock crime scene complete with a bloody dummy and watch a Vanderbilt University Psychology professor wheeled into his lecture while he’s muzzled and tied to a handcart?

At the annual Killer Nashville Mystery Conference, of course.close up crime scene. Donald Bain signing Dr. Bill Blass Dr. Steven Benning Guppy lunch Guppy luncheon Hutton Hotel Jessica and Cindy KN Lobby Mock crime scene Mock crime scene LindaL

Dr. Steven Benning’s assistant untied him and he changed into a mind-mannered professor while he told us about the invisible menace of psychopaths among us. He said psychopaths are very often just like us except for their extremes of normal behavior like impulsive antisocial and aggressive behavior.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation special agent Mike Breedlove explained the crime scene contest where everyone had a chance to become a crime scene investigator and solve the suspicious death. At the end of the conference, TBI agents Dan Royse and Breedlove went over crime scene solution.

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Bill Blass, founder of the body farm spoke about how bones talk. He explained how he can determine the cause of death by bones and demonstrated on a femur and a skull.

TBI special agent Mike Breedlove spoke on interrogation techniques. He said the 4th and 5th amendment applies to agents but not private investigators or bounty hunters. He stressed that preparing for the interrogation is important and they are always videotaped.

Private investigation 101 author and private investigator Norma Tilman offered up some of her numerous PI tales. She said her most requested search is for someone looking for their father. A panel on the future of publishing discussed: What will the e book revolution bring? How will the face of publishing change? What can we expect in the publishing world in the next five years? The discussion focused on pricing and the timing of different print and e book formats. And, of course, e-books sales should only increase in the future.

The conference offered a wide variety of sessions for writers as well as readers and I’d consider it a standout conference.