a dog’s prayer

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I stand by the side of this narrow road

And scan each car as it goes by

I yearn for my master so kind

And think of people I loved so dear


I pray to return to my home someday

I had a home so dear

With voices so friendly and hands reaching out

Fresh water and tender morsels to eat


Now I stand by the side of this road

I dare not scurry from this spot

Because familiar voices may call and take me home

I pray to end this hot weather and rain

Though neither will stop my longing for home


I was a frisky puppy full of energy and life

Now I have a sad and faltering heart

What happened to bring this pain?

What caused my people to drop me by this road?

Lots of letters and loud voices

I pray my tomorrow will come and help ease my load


I am your faithful furry champion

I will stand by the side of this road

Though constant travelers keep whizzing by

I scan each car from front to back

And hope to see my dear family

And return to the joy I once knew

I want my doggy dish and backyard too

I want my master’s arms outstretched ready to pat my head again


The days go flashing by

My faithful waiting continues each day through

I pray my tomorrow will come to help ease the way

Because too late may echo loud

But, my joyful heart will not sink

As I relish a treat from a passerby.


Wait, I hear a voice so loud calling to me

I pray it is my master calling me home

I hear it louder still

“Get the hell outa here you stupid dog!”


The poetry collection, Available NOW on Amazon!A Dog’s Prayer, is available on Amazon.


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